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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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focused obvious people and community for -- on people and community for ever 60 years. -- for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now when we could finally see clear skies again. plus advice for those planning wral christmas parade. >. new anti-trump protests held tonight in chapel hill as we learn new details about the heavy metal rocker who will perform at the president- elect's inauguration. and his heart may be ten sizes too small, but tonight the loveable villain brought smiles to local children with special needs. >. we're feeling the impacts of wildfires burning in the western part of our state today. i'm lynda loveland. >> and i'm gerald owens.
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the sky that you could smell while you were outside. so how long will the smoke stick around and what are the impacts? we have live team coverage. ken smith is live in downtown raleigh where thousands will line the streets for the wral christmas parade. >> but we start with mike maze in the weather center. >> >. the smoke invaded today, and here's a satellite picture. the smoke plumes we've been watching out west for the past couple of weeks, but the wasn't trajectories has been to the on or about and northeast, but today ahead of a cold front we had a wind from the west and southwest that's effectively carried the smoke spot air. the white was from the smoke, and one woman had a terrible asthma attack. she's been shush viving on
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cortisone and benadryl all day. we're in code orange meaning it's unhealthy for sensitive folks. we're talking about older adults, young children, those with lung and heart issues. limit your prolonged outdoor exertion for the remainder of the night and during the day tomorrow. if you have problems breathing you don't want to be outside exerting yourself, but this alert ends at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the reason is a we have a cold front blowing into the area, and it shower cleared the region by -- should have cleared the region if i the northwest instead of is southwest clearing out the clouds. now the thing is tomorrow morning we have the raleigh christmas parade. there will be a lot of children out there, and folks with possible respiratory issues. the front starting to come into the area at the start of the parade and expect 70, but once the front moves by everything with improve. the problem is back to a southwest wind by next wednesday we could be dealing withth same issues.
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another story is the cold weather coming in. more coming up in the forecast. now many of you may be planning on heading downtown for the wral christmas parade and wondering what the haze is going to be like. >> ken smith is live along the parade route on fayetteville street. ken? >> reporter: the preparations are all set. you can see behind me the scaffolding where they'll be broadcasting live in the morning. i talked with rick shaw, and said earlier today it was bad with all the smokiness and haze in mind. parade organizers wanted to make sure parts pants and -- participants and parade organizers were safe. this was the christmas parade last year. a sunny, brisk day. the view from our tower cam this year though indicates a smoky haze could be hanging over this year's parade route. >> right now the parade is currently scheduled to continue as planned. you know, we have a great relationship with wral, the meteorologists there are
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having the parade outside tomorrow morning. >> reporter: as the smoke prosecute wildfires in the income -- from the wildfires in the north carolina -- north carolina head east there's smoke. >> we have some of the lose visibilities as anybody in the state. >> reporter: greg fishel says there's a noticeable difference in the air quality to start the weekend. >> the wind is coming from the exact direction you need to transport that smoke from the fires right toward us. >> reporter: the poor air quality from effect the very young and elderly with serious respiratory problems. >> >. hypersensitive airways, asthma, and more. >> reporter: with the smoky conditions in mind jennifer walked the route herself. >> i walked the entire route front and back to test the conditions, and i felt really good. no problems with breathing, no
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keeping up with the pace of walking, so it was a good experience just to test the route myself. >> reporter: well it should be an exciting time tomorrow morning, but again anyone in that vulnerable population mentioned, the very young and elderly with serious respiratory problems you may want to stay indoors and opt to watch it on wral tomorrow morning. >> all right downtown raleigh. thank you. dozens of firefighters from wake county boarded a bus today and headed west to help battle the fires. roughly 60 firefighters will replace crews. they expect to stay in western north carolina until wednesday. but it didn't stop the area football games tonight. you can see the haze on middle creek high school in apex. watch highlights with jeff
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voter fraud continuing to plague the outcomes of elections statewide, despite tonight's deadline, counties around the state are still counting ballots and holding hearings on possible voter fraud complaints. durham county is one of the areas plagued with issues, and adam owens is live in the news room to explain. >> reporter: within just the last few hours we learned of new election protests being filed with the durham board of elections. they argue ineligible voters cast ballots not proper scanned. th ballots were improperly cast on behalf of other people. these latest complaints come just hours after the durham board of elections voted unanimously to dismiss a request filed by the state republican party attorney. they argued ballots continued manually should be recounted due to a technical glitch, but the board said there was not enough evidence in anything was wrong with the manual count.
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durham voters because there's an effort to keep it in the dark of night and not have openness in our election. why would you did that? >> reporter: the attorney general roy cooper's campaign is saying pat mccrory only says someone cheated because he lost the bid with re-election. there have been a number of issues in the state election count. late tonight the state dmv finished researching 8200 voters. a federal order would allow them to vote provisionally. the stat processing that information, and that's not expected to happen until tomorrow, and we're likely looking at days and days of more work for counties across the state. >> adam owens, thank you. well, today was supposed to be the deadline for wake and other counties to finalize the vote counts for this month's election, but that was delayed due to protests and court rulings, but wake county made a lot of progress, approving more than 7,000 additional ballots. while the numbers are still not
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provisional ballots they expect to move. pat mccrory picked up 2,421 of the votes while roy cooper got 4,420. that means a net gain for cooper in wake county. ask -- the board also rejected a request by the pat mccrory campaign saying several balance los were only three were thrown out, and the rest were not accurate. they advised the mccrory campaign to appeal to the state board of elections, and the campaign spokesman said they'll do so. protesters blocked a portion of franklin street this championship tonight. >> we want justice right now! >> dozens of people joined hands, chanted, and held signs. they're protesting the election of donald trump as president.
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minority rights. the crowd dispersed about a half hour ago and the street is back open. the motley crue lead singer will perform at donald trump's inauguration with his own band. there is mounting pressure for victims of hurricane matthew who say they haven't gotten the relief help they need. residents of edgecombe county voiced concerns today at a meeting of the committee. after updating people on relief experts they asked for people's concerns and pledged relief or guidance. >> now i'm pieing for hotels -- paying for hotels out of my pocket. tomorrow we have to be out of the hotel, so what do i do? i still have bills at my home where i can't stay in, and do i pay for a hotel or pay my
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better after speaking one on one with fema at the meeting. three more meetings are scheduled over the next three weeks. the salvation army in wake county's red kettle campaign is officially underway ? [ music ] ?? >> board chair and president of the capital broadcasting's new media emceed. they'll place kettles at locations -- 80 locations across the county to collect money for families in need. >> as you pass a kettle think of your neighbors, whether donating, volunteering time, or adopting an angel, we implore you to put your compassion into action this christmas season. >> donations go to various salvation army programs, including the christmas cheer program. it's been all the talk on social media. coming up, what caused a giant
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community. >> wow. plus a condition check on carolina panthers linebacker luke keuchly, and what he wants fans to know about his condition. >> and the grinch tries to lose his mean image.
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lynda loveland, gerald owens, and meteorologist mike maze. >. new developments today in the murder of michael jordan's father james. a robinson county judge ordered the prosecution to turn over documents that might have been withheld in the case. green's defense asked for it. the defense claims demry the next hearing in the case is december 9th. a cary man is due in court monday on child pornography charges. the 27-year-old was arrested, charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. according to the arrest warrant they found sexually explicit videos of children between the ages of 8 and 11 in his possession. he's held on a half million dollars bond. raleigh police are investigating what lead to a school bus crash this evening at the intersection of cross
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the bus appeared to be the only vehicle involved, and no students were on board. the driver of the bus was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but police only say it's being investigated as a traffic accident. november is national home care and hospice month, and members of the profession gathered tonight for the home hospice awards at the north carolina museum of science. i was honored to be their emcee. outstanding doctors, nurses, therapists, and volunteers were selected by their peers for these annual awards. >> very nice. >> yes, it was, it was' wonderful venue too. it's not even thanksgiving yet, but the grinch is already in town. >> he showed up early to visit with kids with special needs, and he came to show without makeup originally just to show he's a regular person that turns into a character, and the hope is to make him a little less intimidating because when you see him, that's a lot going
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a special sensory friendly showing of the grinch at the dpac. >> they don't have to is it quietly for two hours in the dark. they can move, talk, leave and come back. we're really just trying to make it very friendly, accepting, and welcoming for the families to come and see a broadway show. >> we try to make it so for that show everyone can enjoy it and not be overwhelmed by the crazy colors and lights and stuff. >> that'll be so much fun. the dpac experts to make sure the show is suitable for children and adults on the autism speck truck. is show -- spectrum. is show is december 3rd, and just contact the dpac if you want more information. they worked extra hard to make sure everything was good for everybody. >> my favorite christmas story of all time. the grinch is mean at first, but then his heart breaks. >> yes, yes, it grows.
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that so everybody can enjoy it. >> i think this might be the first time they've done it here. great opportunity for kids. >> yeah, love the grinch, love frosty and charlie brown christmas, still love to watch it because it brings you back to being a little kid. let's take a look at what's going on outside. yeah, it's pretty nasty and has been throughout the day. air quality is suffering, but smoke lingers throughout the evening through 2:00 tomorrow passes, but the problem with the front passing, wylie see increase -- we'll see increased fire danger tomorrow afternoon. the winds increase, and we'll have gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour, and it's very dry. we have a good fuel source, all the dead leaves out there. please don't do burning tomorrow afternoon. hold off until the wind subsides by monday and tuesday. we don't want to see fires develop around here. if they start they'll spread fast and the way the conditions will be tomorrow afternoon once the front passes, the good news
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smoke on us now. we go from shorts to coats on sunday. it will be significantly cooler with 40s and 350s for highs -- 50s for highs sunday afternoon. the visibility keeps jumping from about a quarter mile just a little while ago to 5 miles, a mix and smoke and fog. 1.75 vizzibility at rocky mount wilson airport. quite possibly tonight if you're driving, especially in the visibility could drop rapidly. once the sun rises tomorrow we should see improvement. toward downtown we're not seeing the nasty smoky look from earlier today. 52 at rdu. 58 the dewpoint. close to home 40s and 50s. we should wake up to upper 40s in the morning, and 40s and 50s to 60 at southern pines to 43 at roxboro. clear sky, although it was smoky out there. we broaden the view. we have high pressure upon us, that moves out tonight. here comes our front, and
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looking great. a lot of thunderstorms, very heavy rain fall, but as its moving into the drought stricken area it's falling apart, so folks in alabama, georgia, tennessee, western north carolina are not going to see a lot of rain out of the front, but we'll receive the cooler air, and it's chilly behind the front with temperatures in the 30s. snow falling across parts of minnesota. 36 at kansas city, cooling down at dallas, 52. 49 in memphis. the front is heading to the east and passing through here after lunchtime torr tomorrow morning as we start the day we're in the warm air mass, and once the sun comes up temperatures rise quickly. the front to the west, and by 2:00 it moves by. there could be a few sprinkles with the front, and that's about it, but then temperatures plummet, and comings up in weather desk top we'll look at the next half hour, hour by hour how the temperatures crash, and some accumulating snows in the higher terrain,
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to hold off on the fitness especially because of the smoke, especially if you have respiratory issues. 51 by 8:00 a.m. lunchtime we're in the 70s. it's still breezy. the smoke still with us, but once we get the northwest wind in the amp the motor vehicle -- afternoon the smoke is kicked out. highs occur around lunchtime or 1:00, and then temperatures crash. sunday's high is 51. 29 monday morning. 56 in the afternoon monday, and we warm back up, so it's just a quick shot of cold air, chance of rain and it may be mild as well, but can't stress enough that you have respiratory issues don't exert yourself outside. you could have asthma attacks come on quickly. >> yes, watch the parade on tv if you're worried. >> we have you covered. >> thank you mike. there were a lot of happy new families in cumberland county tonight. >> our cameras were in the courtroom as a judge finalized their adoptions.
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montana, and an update on luke keuchle what his teammates are
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wral sports with mandy mitchell nc state enjoying a few days in the virgin islands, but they do have to play basketball while there.
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and look at johnson, the steal, the rocket pass. not all going well for the pack early though. montana hanging around. pritchett, the hook shot, and montana with a two-point lead at half time. second half though it's all nc state. johnson notices the defense sleeping, and he scores nine, and has six assists. none prettier than this one to dennis smith turns into a dunk contest. it was fun to watch. a, bu leads the -- abu leads the team in scoring with 25. and nc state wins 85-72 and play again on sunday. if you feel like staying up late, you can watch the tar heels and hawaii. the two teams are set to tip off at 1:00 a.m. eastern. better get some coffee now. wake forest and number
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classic. josh hart nets 30 for the defending champs. john collins paces the bee cans with 17 -- deacons with 17, but nova runs away with it. luke keuchly is officially in the nfl concussion protocol which means he has to go through a number of steps before returning to practice or games. thomas davis posted a picture this morning with a smiling he wanted everyone to know he's okay. now luke's concussion and the reaction to it got a lot of attention nationally as he was carted off the field in tears. the panthers don't play again until next sunday, so he has some time to heal before he misses any game action. the canes hoping to make it three straight tonight hosting montreal. down 1-0 in the third, the shot deflected by skinner, so this
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again, the time it's 2-1, two minutes later, hope you didn't get up for a soda in this five minutes because victor scores again. 3-1 canes. cam ward with 31 saves as the canes win it 3-2. three in a row for the hurricanes. the final nascar race of the season is sunday at homestead. here's how the final four busch is 9th, logano 13th, and johnson 14th, harvick on the poll, and you can watch the race on wral. final race of the season, should be fun. >> thanks mandy. a bizarre foam blob took over the streets of california. still to come, how one man turned all the suddens into an epic ride. >> also ahead the trump organization responds to today's news to a settlement was reached in the trump u
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one week old is missing.
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the fbi taled up with law enforcement officers in kansas to search for a missing six day old girlment when her father -- girl. when her father returned from work the baby was gone and the mother was dead. they believe the baby is in danger but they haven't issued
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have no suspect. in minneapolis a child care provider is facing charges for hanging an 18 month old baby at day care. the child is okay. when police friday to arrest the employee she took off in a mini van hitting a pedestrian and cyclist. the pedestrian is in critical condition. she was eventually arrested. the school bus driver says she had problem with the steering when she lost control and crashed in nashville on an interstate off ramp. the bus was headed to a state beta club. 23 students were on hurt, but no injuries were life threatening. one person died when a small aircraft crashed into a home in california. went down not far from half moon bay. a second personning was taken to the hospital. investigators were on the scene all afternoon. it looked like a snowstorm at an airport in santa clara, california, but it's actually foam spilling out after a
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suppression system that didn't work. the fire alarm went off, and shortly the foam covered the streets ask 6 cars. authorities say the suddens are not dangerous, but ask people to stay away because the foam could irritate their eyes. >> wow. >> however, one man didn't heed the warnings. he hopped on his bike and road through the foam. you can see it still moving there at the end, but he of disappears, it's that deep. hope he had his eyes closed or was wearing goggles. >> reporter: how tall was it? >> oh, i couldn't see anything, nothing. in the middle probably ten feet tall. yeah. a tried to stand up but couldn't get out of it. >> you kind of crashed into a free [ laughter ] >> yeah, ran into a sign and went off the road because i couldn't see. >> reporter: so you just kept riding? the bike stayed up? >> yeah, just kept riding.
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hit something! a lot of people had fun with the folk blob on social media as you can imagine. the san francisco chronicle called it foamnad o. and volkswagen is restructuring its brand to improve profitability and shift the focus to electric powered vehicles and services. this move will save them about 4 billion dollars the majority of cuts will be made in germany. and a settlement has been reached in the trump university lawsuit. >> he's agreed to pay some 25 million dollars. here's more details. >> reporter: new york attorney general calls it a stunning reversal and a major victory. president-elect donald trump agreeing to pay $25 million to settle three civil lawsuits with no admission of wrong doing. >> both sides fought very hard,
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believed in, and you know, at the end of this you have to respect the other side for the fight and respect the fact that in the end he did do the right thing . >> reporter: the students accused of for profit trump university of being a fraudulent scheme. the real estate seminars cost students, many of them poor or elderly up to $35,000 each. it promised students would learn investing secrets from trump's hand picked accusations, but admitted he didn't pick the instructors. trump tweeted in february trump university has a 98 percent approval rating. i could have settled, but won't out of principal. but now with inauguration day looming that's all changed. the president-elect now avoids having to testify in court and an pa appearance before a -- an appearance before a judge. >> what the judge is doing is a total disgrace. >> reporter: more than 6,000 trump university students will
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settlement. nbc news, new york. >> in a statement a spokesperson for the trump organization said trump university would have prevailed at trial, but putting an end to the litigation means president- elect can focus on the nation. trump will return to the saturday night live stage the weekend courtesy of alec baldwin. it will be his fifth appearance fans should get used to. the portrayal is a limited engagement. >> oh, come on. he's doing pretty well [ laughter ] >> i don't know, we'll see. we're just hours away from a great raleigh tradition. >> the wral raleigh christmas parade presented bishop local raleigh takes over downtown saturday morning. brian shrader shows us what you need to know before you go. ?[ music ] ?? >> reporter: the raleigh christmas parade is the biggest
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dc, and it's going to be even bigger this year. organizers added more bands to the parade. you'll see over 2,000 high school students from all over our region playing for the crowd, and it's going to be a big crowd with tens of thousands of people lining the streets. here's the parade route in downtown raleigh starting at st. mary's street and along down to the state capitol building. once there it swings around union square and then sout down fayetteville street and the parade ends at fayetteville and lenore. if you want to get there and see it in person get there as early as 7:00 or 7:30 to get a good spot along the street. there's plenty of parking in parking decks and on the street, and the state-owned decks and parking lots are free. keep in mind that streets around the parade route close as early as 6:00 a.m. saturday, but will reopen by 2:00 p.m., and after the parade stick around because restaurants and shops will be open, and the north carolina
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event after the parade. we'll see you saturday morning this downtown raleigh. i'm brian shrader, wral news. >> and if you can't make the parade it will be broadcast live on television. bill leslie, renee chou and brian shrader will be there to bring you the excitement tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. on wral. it's already a holiday season to remember for some children in cumberland county. they now have forever homes. still ahead, we're there for the their special adoption day. experts million for this iconic dress once worn by marilyn monroe, so
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former glee star jane lynch is ready to serenade you this she's got a new album called swinging little christmas. it features fresh takes on classic carols. the album is now available on i tunes and amazon. and ripley's believe it or not is now the proud owner of the dress worn by marilyn monroe when she sang to president john f. kennedy. it sold for 4.8 million dollars at auction.
10:40 pm
originally cost12,000 when it was made in 1962, and it was so tight she was sewn into the dress. i'm sure she didn't sit down. >> how do you get out of it if you're sewn into it? >> take out the stitches i guess. >> someone has to unsew you. >> cut you out. >> for 12 grand back then in 62, that was a lot of money. >> i know! >> that's a lot of money now [ laughter ] >> wow. all right, to time for a look at what's trending. what do you >> everything isn't always as it seems, especially for animals. this dog no matter how hard he tries there's no way he's going to get the bone painted on the bottom of the bowl. >> oh, no! poor thing! >> this is so cute. >> that must be so frustrating [ laughter ] >> poor thing! >> and there's another dog on the right watching him. >> that dog is like i give him five minutes. >> yeah, and then i'll drink some water [ laughter ]
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him a bone after taping this. but isn't that great? [ laughter ] >> i have never seen that before. that's too cute. >> i can see it, i know it's in there! [ laughter ] >> very cute. >> entertainment for hours. all right you know the mannequin challenge, even sesame street. this was reported on set with the puppets holding steady for the camera. >> go big bird, >> elmo! [ laughter ] >> this is really intricate. >> it is. >> darn, look at that, playing jenga. oh my! bubbles? >> yep. >> everyone is so still. >> look at that. >> i'm not sure how they did the papers. taped them all together i guess? 200,000 views for this so far.
10:42 pm
>> wow, no one is lifting anything very heavy [ laughter ] >> right. >> that's really good. >> it is! look at that! [ laughter ] >> that's cool. >> i have posted these on my facebook page. if you care to look at them again. >> i love looking at those. they're so creative. >> and that's something that takes time to orchestrate. >> oh, yeah, a lot of time. cool stuff. >> if there's a topic you think we should include send me a message local couples waiting to adopt a child. >> welcome the newest member of the kirby family, and most strong-willed! [ applause ] >> that's fantastic. coming up the celebration for dozens of couple of children who have been waiting a long time for this day. and a lot of thirsty farms, gardens, and lawns throughout the southeast, and they're seeing this rain coming in, and it's all falling apart.
10:43 pm
cooler -- but the cooling is. how the temperatures tumble tomorrow and into sunday with hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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there are more than 100,000 children in foster care in the country, and the average wait to be adopted is five years. >> but for many in cumberland county, the wait ended today. >> everybody please welcome the
10:46 pm
family and most strong-willed! [ applause ] >> reporter: this this courtroom the rules are in applause, here the questions aren't under oath. >> how old are you? 4? you're old! >> reporter: but the ons, they are so -- answers, they are so very important. >> do you know what it means to obey your mama. when you're a part of a family you have to do that. do yo share all of your days and nights, your weekends, your holidays, your summers, springs, falls, and winters wholeheartedly? [ applause ] >> you want this to be your family forever? do you understand what you're doing? and you want to do this? >> yes, ma'am. >> then i am signing this right now. >> reporter: every year dozens of cumberland county families
10:47 pm
courtroom. >> so this is your first? >> reporter: the paths getting here different, but oh so similar. >> it's been almost a three- year journey but it's been worth it. >> i just melt, see that little finger right there. got me all wrapped around it. >> reporter: this is a place where hearts are full, and families are made whole. >> it's overwhelming to put in words. he's forever ours and just so special to us. >> reporter: in this courtroom on this day a life sentence, well want to hear. >> reporter: this is patty -- >> this is patty, with this family forever. >> i can see the tears in their eyes. tomorrow is considered national adoption day, and since it's inception in 2000, national adoption day helped move 58,000
10:48 pm
>> that leaves you with a warm feeling, and this time of year is perfect for that. >> a great holiday. >> in their forever home for christmas. that's fantastic. >> so give me good news about the weather. >> it will be warm again tomorrow. i know you'd like it warm. >> i like it cooler. >> no! >> yeah, she likes it warmer. if you're head out to colorado, and there's somebody else who's a fan of snow. take a look at that! [ laughter ] >> oh, funny. >> >. he got super excited when the flakes started falling and he jumped for joy. the snow fall was the first big one of the season for that area, and his home saw a couple of inches. boy, he's got enthusiasm. you have to love that. better than a kid.
10:49 pm
tr let's take a look at weather desk top. we have much to share with you. we'll start with the satellite picture. we've got a trough of low pressure moving through the central plains right now with a rim of high pressure here in the east. that's what delivered the warmth today, and then there's a trough of low pressure with rain falling apart moving east, and the energy to support this is moving well to the north and west. you can see the snow up in minnesota and the grea but the front with this heads into our area tomorrow. so let's tyke a look at -- take a look at temperatures. it starts chilly in the morning. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we're anticipating 40s to maybe 50 in goldsboro, 49 in fayetteville. so as soon as the sun comes up it warms up faster. if you're headed to the parade, these are 10:00 temperatures. we should be in the 60s already in raleigh by 10:00, and only continue to warm as we go through the latter part of the morning. by lunchtime upper 60s to low #
10:50 pm
and we should peak in the low 70s in the afternoon prior to the front arriving, and by 4:00 the front has moved on by, and we can see a huge variation of temperature. 40s in roxboro to low 60s in fayetteville, and the numbers just continue to crash. by 8:00 tomorrow evening the 40s and even upper 30s in the triad, and by sunday morning the low 30s, breezy through the night and into the morning on sunday. sunday afternoon at lunchtime out in the upper 40s and low 50s sunday afternoon, and by monday morning the upper 20s, so freeze is possible at that point. the other thing is the wind increase, light in the morning, but watch what happens. there's the front. you can see the difference in the color. ahead of the front the wind pick up, and they could gust up to 40 miles per hour, hence the fire danger, and they stay up
10:51 pm
sunday morning. here's the seven-day forecast. 73 tomorrow. the front should come by roughly at lunchtime, and after the front passes the smoke clears out. 51 sunday. 50s still on monday, and after that morning low of 29, and backs to milder weather by wednesday and thanksgiving thursday, and the good news is travel weather shouldn't be that bad, quiet the first part of work week. >> that is good news. >> thank you mike. it's the ultimate disney collection, and it's up for grabs. >> how you can own the
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a group of wake county dancers is preparing for the mac's thanksgiving day parade ? [ music ] ?? >> this is video of five dance company rehearsing this morning. 11 girls will perform in new york with the spirit america dance group. >> they're one of only two dance studios from north carolina invited to the parade this year, and they're the first dance studio from fuquay- varina to dance in the parade. >> and just being in the parade, i mean, you know, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that a lot of people don't get, so it's pretty special for them. >> the group leaves tomorrow morning to be in place for rehearsal, and some days the
10:55 pm
hours. >> oh my. >> the cary high school band is also participating in the parade. this is video from the announcement last year. you can watch the parade live on wral area 9:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. happy birthday to a cartoon classic. mickey mouse is 88. it was 1928 when the popular character first appeared. to celebrate his special day disney theme parks around the world are hosting parties parades. can you imagine? well a major disney sell is going on this weekend. california's galleries is holding a souvenirs of disneyland auction tomorrow. you can business on costumes, props, artwork and other collectibles. some items date back 60 years. proceeds from the sale go to the research fund for neurological diseases. several baby lemurs is
10:56 pm
in a zoo in australia, and this species is critically endangered. the conspiracy of lemurs, what a group of lemurs is called, is now on display. >> we have so many at duke at the lemur center and they're trying to protect them. oh my gosh, and they're so intelligent. >> yeah! what's not to love right? >> i could watch them all day. so sweat. >> so be a nice -- sweet. >> so be a nice day to see them? >> but after lunchtime temperatures come down, and by 4:00 it could be in the 50s and sunday is the cold day. no shorts, you have to wear the coats sunday. >> you'll find them out there still, there's those people. >> thank you mike. and thanks for watching. make sure to witch over the wral for the -- switch over to wral for the 11:00 news, and 11:35 football friday.
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>> the shining's shelly duvall. >> if she is suffering with a mental illness. >> the man threatening me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> is it ethical for dr. phil to treat the very troubled shelly duvall in front of millions on tv? i'm natalie morales. while dr. drew is weighing in, he faced that very dilemma before. >> why should we do this question? i think -- >> j. lo's kiss with exmarc anthony. new britney and the music doesn't end there. i'm liz hernandez. bruno mars shares his very humble beginnings. this was your house? >> yes. >> has gwen given you any tips? >> he kept a low profile since the split. now gavin rossdale is ready to talk. how much is angelina's high powered attorney ready to share about the divorce proceedings?


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